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Hello, members of the Korea Society of Wood Science and Technology(KSWST). Welcome to the homepage of the KSWST!

The KSWST was founded in 1972, and has had 44 years of history. Our Society has have leaded the research on wood science and engineering, the technology development, and the growth of wood related industry in Korea. During the time, the KSWST has achieved the remarkable growth in terms of both quantity and quality, which include hosting the annual meeting, publication of scientific journals in Korean as well as English, strengthening the international position by the registration of our scientific journal to Scopus, hosting the international symposium, seminars(symposiums) and workshops, etc.

Such endeavors of the KSWST and members of the society contributed to distribution and industrialization of the results of researches and development of wood industries. In addition, the KSWST has strengthen the international relationships with wood-related societies and associations in the USA, Canada, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan and Europe, which contributed to the international exchanges of information and technology and the increase of international competitive power of wood industries.

The total annual demand of wood in Korea was 4,000,000m3 in 1972 but it was increased to 28,000,000m3 in 2013 that is 7-times higher. In 2013, the annual supply of domestic wood reached 4,500,000m3 that occupied about 17% of the total annual wood supply, and the self-supplying rate of domestic wood will be increased every year because trees are growing continuously and the forest inventory will also be increased continuously. At the present time, the necessity for the decrease or delay of the climate change reached almost the peak, which makes people in the world to recognize again the role and the importance of wood to prevent the climate change. Such a recognition resulted in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC) and the agreement on the inclusion of the harvest wood products(HWP) to carbon inventory, which will provide the new chance for the expansion of wood markets in Korea as well as the world. In Korea, “the law for the sustainable utilization of wood”(the wood law) was become effective in May, 2013, which will again give very big impacts to wood industries in Korea and force the wood industry to reform and innovate regardless whether it is positive or negative.

We are living in the age of abrupt change even though we do not want it. If we fit ourselves to this tide of abrupt change and innovate ourselves in advance to make this change as the opportunity for the advancement, the KSWST and wood industry will become again the leading star of the history in Korea. When the KSWST was founded at first, our seniors and teachers constructed the secure foundation for the development of wood science and wood industry step by step with only the passion for the study and research even though they suffered from the lack of personal and physical resources. We have the responsibility to succeed and make the advancement of the history and tradition of the research and development that our seniors have built. In addition, we also have the responsibility to set the direction that wood industry has to follow in this age of abrupt change, and we have to take the leading position so that everyone in both academy and industry can move forward to that direction all together.

Even though our Society is free from the shortage of personal and physical resources and it looks externally that everything is abundant, it is the time to look inside of our Society whether our qualitative growth is enough corresponding to the external growth and the KSWST takes the right position and does the right role fully corresponding to the requirement and expectation of wood industry. It is the time to gather the power and wisdom of all the members of the KSWST to guide the external growth to the fruitful internal growth and to support wood industry so that they can take the right place as the green industry contributing for the improvement of the living quality and happiness of all the people.  

The 23rd executive boards of the KSWST newly starting from 2016 will do the best for the cooperation between academy and industry so that the wood law is settled down as the law leading the development of wood industry and wood industry is reborn as the green and high-tech industry working to prevent the warmth and the climate change of the earth. I hope that all the members of the KSWST make a united effort and cooperate together to provide the Korean wood industry to jump-up again.

January 1, 2018
* The chairman of the KSWST / Professor / Dr. Gyu Seong Han | 한규성