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Editorial Board (2018~2019)


YEO, Hwanmyeong (Seoul National University)

Associate Editor

KIM, Kwang-Mo (National Institute of Forest Science)

Editorial Board

JEONG, Myung-Joon (Chonbuk National University)

Editorial Board Members

JEONG, Myung-Joon (Chonbuk National University)
KANG, Seog Goo (Chungnam National University)
KIM, Birm-June (Kookmin University)
KWON, Ohkyung (NICEM, Seoul National University)
LEE, Jae-Won (Chonnam National University )
LEE, Sang-Min (National Institute of Forest Science )
LEE, Seung-Hwan (Kangwon National University)
OH, Jung-Kwon (Seoul National University)
PARK, Han-Min (Gyeongsang National University)
PARK, Joo-Saeng (National Institute of Forest Science )
PARK, Mi-Jin (National Institute of Forest Science )
RA, Jong-Bum (Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology )
SEO, Jeong-Wook (Chungbuk National University)

Editorial Assistant

SUR, Sang-Hee (The Korean Society of Wood Science and Technology)

Editing Manager

SUR, Sang-Hee (The Korean Society of Wood Science and Technology)

Editing Manager

CHAE, Jong-Jun (Korea Studies Informaion CO., LTD)

International Editorial Board Member

DUFRESNE, Alain (Grenoble Institute of Technology, France)
DUNKY, Manfred (Kronospan GmbH Lampertwalde, Germany)
ENDO, Takashi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
EVANS, Philip (University of British Columbia, Canada)
FEBRIANTO, Fauzi (Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia)
FRIHART, Chuck R. (Forest Products Laboratory, USA)
HADI, Yusuf Sudo (Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia)
LABBE, Nicole (University of Tennessee. USA)
NIEMZ, Peter (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Switzerland)
RAGAUSKAS, Arthur (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
SAKA, Shiro (Kyoto University, Japan)
SCHMITT, Uwe (Johann Heinrich von Thunen Institute (vTI), Germany)
SMITH, Greg (University of British Columbia, Canada)
SUGIYAMA, Junji (Kyoto University, Japan)
TOHMURA, Shin-ichiro (Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Japan)
WONG, Andrew (University Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia)
YIN, Yafang (Chinese Academy of Forestry, China)