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Welcome to the website of the Korean Society of Wood Science and Technology.

The Korean Society of Wood Science and Technology is a non-profit society representing the wood science and technology. It was founded in 1973 by pioneers in the fields of wood science researchers and will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022. Currently, there are nearly 800 members of this society, and regular conferences, symposiums, and seminars are held at all times along with the publication of academic papers. In addition, we are carrying out various academic activities such as interdisciplinary links and international academic exchanges with related organizations in major countries. Through this, it contributes to the improvement of the research level in the wood science fields, promote technology development through industry-academic cooperation. Also, we play a major role in education and presenting various policies with a new paradigm to respond to the rapidly changing demands of the times.

Currently, carbon neutral and net zero are major global policies, aiming to realize a carbon neutral society by 2050. Accordingly, in the fields of wood science and technology, the role of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and building a carbon neutral society is highly demanded. The key issue here is to increase the amount of carbon storage by increasing the utilization rate of wood products. In response, our society intend to take the lead in achieving SDGs and building a carbon neutral society through mutual cooperation and technology improvement and dissemination with universities, related companies, and public institutions, and research institutes. In addition, the society will contribute to fulfilling its role as broad communication channels among members and as a discipline pursuing future values for sustainable development.

We ask for your interest and advice so that our society can develop further, and we hope that this website can be widely used as a site for information exchange and communication among members.

We sincerely thank you
Sei-Chang Oh